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The Double Kiss

Now for all the years we have been playing, this has never happened and yet on Wednesday night September 23, 2020 in a match between the Hopefuls and Nunzios the great rarity occurred. A double kiss. The Hopefuls went on to win the match after winning a tie-breaker game 5 to 2, giving the Nunzios another 2pts. The only way the Nunzios have been able to score points by pressing many of their opponents into tie breakers that the Nunzios eventually lose. Hats off to both teams for this great bocce rarity.

The Summer League Championship!

On Monday evening with thunderstorms momentarily abated the Island Bocce Club held its Championship Match at the Grand Isle Recreation Park.

The Jaybird team of Jay DeBono, Tammy DeBono and Bill Vitale defeated the plucky Deadeye team of Tim and Jeannie Shepard. Both teams rolled excellent shots and kept the many members of the Island Bocce League in attendance on the edges of their lawn chairs. The match was well attended despite the threatening weather.

The highlight of the evening was the awarding of Most Valuable Players to Diana Langston and Linda Seavey from the Don’t Bocce It Up team. Our congratulations to them, all the players who played in the Championship Match and those teams who competed all summer long.

New Toss Line Added

We have noticed that some players have been struggling with throwing the Bocce balls behind the white line. If you are one who has been challenged with this, please feel free to use the black line when it’s your turn to throw. The new lines were painted recently and should be ready for future matches.

Ready to Play

Bill Vitale shows up at Wednesday night's game ready to play no matter what the conditions were. Later he shed the hazmat suit for the de rigueur of shorts, shirt, mask and gloves like the rest of his team, but his entrance was appreciated.

Photo courtesy of Bill Ryan

A Respectful Start To Our New Season

Photo courtesy of Lou Danielczyk

Photo courtesy of Lou Danielczyk

Update for the Start of Bocce Season

Even though Vermont has one of the lowest infection rate of Corvid 19 virus in the country. We want to make every effort in keeping everyone safe. It is recommended that everyone should bring and wear a face mask, latex gloves, personal hand santizer and of course making an effort in practicing safe distancing. Some of these things will be on hand and stored in the shed

After the end of the season if there is enough interest in forming a Fall League, that can be discussed and organized. We are always open to suggestions and ideas to make play more fun and safe for all of us. Don’t hesitate to contact us at islandbocceclub@gmail.com.

Islander Photos

Last Year we were visited by Rob Swanson of the Islander during the first game of that evening between the Buckshots and the O's. Rob took some great photos that should be in the Islander on 6/25. We thought we'd share them with you and keep them around for awhile longer. So formally, all the photos below are by Rob Swanson of the Islander and we thank them for their use.

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Photo courtesy of Rob Swanson, The Islander

Doubles League Schedule

Games begin at 6PM.

Friday 9/18
Nunzios vs. Don't Bocce It
Referee: Connell
Monday 9/21
Don't Bocce It vs. O's
Referee: Bill R.
Wednesday 9/23
Hopeful vs. Nunzios
Referee: Jay
Friday 9/25
Don't Bocce It Up vs. Pepperonis
Referee: Steve
Monday 9/28
Pepperonis vs. O's
Referee: Bill R.