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A New Season

A new bocce season will soon be upon us. We are looking forward to seeing some old faces and hopefully some new faces to join us this year. We welcome all interested parties to join us. Fill out the Membership application which allows you access to the shed that contains bocce balls, court broom and scoreboard for you and your family. Dues are $20 for an individual, or $40 for a family. While the current mixed double league rosters are full for this year, you can still join and have use of the court except for Monday thru Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 PM from June 12 thru August. Or even better, put your name on a list of substitutes or alternates for the mixed double league.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the upcoming year’s season, please email Glenda Leake our commissioner. She'd love to hear from you. gleake@aol.com.

The Schedule

To the right you will see the schedule for the upcoming season. All adustments to the schedule from now on should be made between teams in the event of conflicts or rain outs. When those arrangements are made, please inform Bill Ryan who can update the schedule on this page. You can text him at 802-363-1365 or email him at ryan.ryan.2@comcast.net

As much as we all enjoyed playing each other twice in the past, it lengthened the schedule to the point of waning interest. If you would like we could discuss creating a fall league if there is any interest

Scoring and standings

For this year we are returning to the old method of scoring and determining standings. Rather than adding up the number of points scored in each match and totalling it to determine standings we are going to return to an old system we had used in the past.

For this year's scoring system, teams will be awarded 2 points for each game won. So if a team wins both games they get 4 points toward a standing total, the losing team gets 0. If a match is forced to a tie breaker...well you get the idea. 4 points to the winning team, and 2 points to the losing team when the match is forced to a tie breaker.

At the end of the year, if there is a tie in match points, the team with the total number of points scored through out the season, discounting tie-breakers, will be declared the winner and holder of the "Guido" for the next year.

About Referees

In general we've asked players from a team playing earlier or later in the evening to referee the match they are not playing in. It makes for a long night for them, especially if they've skipped dinner to ref. But in cases where matches have been moved to accomodate conflicting schedules, where there is no second game, we've suggested that the side not throwing referee the side throwing, with both teams conferring. As far as we've heard, this has worked well enough to consider using the method of refereeing for all our games. Comments are welcome.

Doubles League Schedule 2023

Games to begin at 5:30PM and 6:30PM.

Each match will consist of two games to 7 points. In the case of each team winning a game in a match, there will be a tie breaker to 5 points to determine the winner of the match. The team that wins the match will receive 4 points and the losing team will recieve 0 points unless there is a tie-breaker in which case the losing team gets 2 points toward a season total and in season standings.

After the last match of the evening please take a photo of that evenings scores in the score book and send it to Bill Ryan either by text at 802-363-1365 or email ryan.ryan.2@comcast.net so final tallies can be posted the next day on the Scores and Standings page of this website.

Downloadable calendar schedules below. These schedules may not reflect the most recent changes due to conflicts and postponements. This webpage should reflect the most recent changes.

June, July, Aug.

June 2023

Saturday 6/3
Sunday 6/4
Rain date
Monday 6/12
Hopeful vs. DBIU
JILT vs Nunzios
Tuesday 6/13
Cannolis vs. O's
High Rollers vs Glam Gals
Wednesday 6/14
Dead Eyes vs. Antipastos
Jaybirds vs NKOB
Monday 6/19
O's vs. High Rollers
Nunzios vs. Cannolis
Tuesday 6/20
NKOB vs. Hopeful
Wednesday 6/21
Antipastos vs. Jaybirds
Glam Gals vs. Dead Eyes
Monday 6/26
Dead Eyes vs O's
Tuesday 6/27
Glam Gals vs. Antipastos
Hopeful vs. Jaybirds
Wednesday 6/28
High Rollers vs. Nunzios
Cannolis vs. DBIU

July 2023

Wednesday 7/5
NKOB vs. Dead Eyes
Antipasto vs. JILT
Thursday 7/6
Hopeful vs Cannolis
Jaybirds vs High Rollers
Friday 7/7
Nunzios vs O's
DBIU vs Glam Gals
Monday 7/10
Glam Gals vs NKOB
Cannolis vs JILT
Tuesday 7/11
High Rollers vs Hopeful
Dead Eyes vs Jaybirds
Wednesday 7/12
Nunzios vs Antipastos
O's vs DBIU
Monday 7/17
Cannolis vs Dead Eyes
JILT vs Glam Gals
Tuesday 7/18
Jaybirds vs Nunzios
Hopeful vs O's
Wednesday 7/19
Antipastos vs High Rollers
Monday 7/24
NKOB vs Antipastos
DBIU vs Jaybirds
Tuesday 7/25
Nunzios vs Hopeful
Dead Eyes vs High Rollers
Wednesday 7/26
Glam Gals vs Cannolis
O's vs JILT
Monday 7/31
DBIU vs High Rollers
Hopeful vs Antipastos

August 2023

Tuesday 8/1
Jaybirds vs JILT
NKOB vs Cannolis
Wednesday 8/2
O's vs Glam Gals
Nunzios vs Dead Eyes
Monday 8/7
Cannolis vs Jaybirds
High Rollers vs NKOB
Tuesday 8/8
Dead Eyes vs DBIU
Glam Gals vs Nunzios
Wednesday 8/9
Antipastos vs O's
JILT vs Hopeful
Monday 8/14
Jaybirds vs Glam Gals
Hopeful vs Dead Eyes
Tuesday 8/15
DBIU vs Nunzios
Cannolis vs Antipastos
Wednesday 8/16
JILT vs High Rollers
NKOB vs O's
Monday 8/21
Antipastos vs DBIU
Nunzios vs NKOB
Tuesday 8/22
Dead Eyes vs JILT
High Rollers vs Cannolis
Wednesday 8/23
O's vs Jaybirds
Glam Gals vs Hopeful